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Whiplash Chiropractors in Gloucester

Can Gloucester Chiropractors help whiplash? Whiplash injuries are common, with thousands of patients every year experiencing neck pain and discomfort that can limit daily activities. While many patients will make a full recovery, 50% still experience the symptoms of whiplash, including pain, discomfort and restricted neck movement a year after the initial injury, says the… Read more

Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Full Body Adjustment If you are looking for a chiropractic full body adjustment near Gloucester, this page is for you. Gloucester Chiropractors have a combined 50 years’ of experience delivering the best chiropractic care to help keep your body in optimal condition. We will thoroughly assess you from top to toe to determine underlying… Read more

What Happens when you Crack a Joint?

Joint Cracking Joint cracking is something that we’ve all experienced at some point or another, whether it is the random pop from your spine as you twist, the crunch of someone’s knees or the macho-man clicking his knuckles. Joint cracking is also often associated with chiropractic treatment. While not all chiropractic treatment methods cause joint… Read more

Headaches and Migraines

Can Chiropractors Help Headaches and Migraines? It may surprise you to read that chiropractors can help with headaches and migraines. The reason for this is simple. Most headaches and migraines have a “mechanical” component. This means that muscles and joints, particularly around the head and neck, play a part in causing or triggering headaches and… Read more

Do Tall People Get More Back Pain?

One of the most commonly espoused causative factors of lower back pain is height. If you are tall and have a bad back, chances are you have been told your height is to blame at one point or another. But does being tall mean that you are more likely to have a bad back? And… Read more

Training Other Chiropractors

Gloucester Chiropractor, Beth Rawlings, has recently been accredited as a PRT trainer by the Royal College of Chiropractors. This status means that Beth will act as a trainer and mentor to recently qualified chiropractors in Gloucestershire. Chiropractic education in the UK takes a minimum of four years, consisting of a full-time university Masters’ degree. But,… Read more

Gloucester Chiropractors – Our Approach

It can be difficult to know which chiropractor to choose. That’s why at Gloucester Chiropractors we have written this page, explaining our approach and the thinking that lies behind it. We believe that everybody has a best side and that, while we may not always be at our best, people do great things when their… Read more

Slipped Disc

What is a Slipped Disc? A slipped disc is a common problem that can cause back or neck pain, and can lead to a trapped nerve or sciatica. Other names for a slipped disc include bulging disc, herniated disc and prolapsed disc. Healthcare professionals usually use the term disc degeneration to cover all of these names…. Read more

Maintaining Healthy Joints

Stiffening up as we get older is seen as an almost inevitable process, and arthritis is a joint condition that is synonymous with wear and tear. But when we look at the events that lead to arthritis, there is hope that this disease can be slowed or even prevented. Firstly, it is important to clarify… Read more

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a term used to describe pain down the back of the leg, originating from the sciatic nerve. There are a number of different causes of sciatica, and you may or may not have back pain if you have sciatica. Sciatica can cause numbness, pins and needles, weakness and other “altered sensations”, as well… Read more

6 Questions to Ask a Chiropractor in Gloucester

If you are thinking of seeing a chiropractor in Gloucester, there are some useful questions to ask at your appointment. In most instances these questions will be answered without you having to ask, but just in case here is a list that you might find helpful. 1. How many sessions will I need? Knowing your… Read more

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