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If you need a chiropractor in Gloucester, please contact us on 07716 489363 or email us here.

We have three experienced chiropractors, Beth Rawlings, Jason Cott and David Cooper, each with a different range of expertise. You can read about our chiropractors below.

We take an approach of trying to help you get the best from your body. This is underpinned by a rigorous diagnostic process, allowing us to understand where improvements can be made.

As well as offering hands on treatment for your whole body, our chiropractors also take the time to advise you on lifestyle factors and preventative measures, helping you self-manage as much as possible.

Meet the Gloucester Chiropractors

All of our chiropractors are UK educated and are registered with the General Chiropractic Council. In addition, they also hold memberships of the Royal College of Chiropractors and British Chiropractic Association. You can read about our Gloucester Chiropractors by clicking on their pictures above. You can also read about our approach by clicking here.

What do Chiropractors Treat?

At Gloucester Chiropractors, we treat a range of nerve, muscle and joint conditions. The word for this group of conditions in neuromusculoskeletal, sometimes abbreviated to MSK.

We also treat people who are looking to prevent MSK problems and athletes looking to get the very best from their body.

If you need to speak to a chiropractor to find out if we can help, please call the clinic on 07716 489363. Remember, if we don’t think we are the best people to help you, we will refer you straight to the best people for the job.

Gloucester Chiropractors Fees

Please note, initial consultation includes treatment where appropriate. Where treatment is not appropriate, letters of referral for further investigation are included in the consultation fee.

Initial Consultation
(includes treatment)


Further Treatments


For patients paying through private health insurance, a 10% administration charge may be added.

Testimonials for Gloucester Chiropractors

Here you can read about other peoples’ experiences at Gloucester Chiropractors.

    • Great service great communication through out the appointment so you knew exactly what was going on

      Liam D. 2/26/2021
    • Very friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Understanding of patients pain tolerance and works around that very well. Thanks David!

      Joshua T. 10/21/2020
    • Fantastic little company that really cares about your well-being. I was paying £120 per 30 minutes session at an alternative company that wasn’t as interested in my well-being. I was... read more

      Adamdt82 5/02/2021
    • Very fast response following my email plea for help. Same-day appointment with Beth, who was superb. Very comprehensive consultation and history followed by pain-relieving gentle manipulation of my... read more

      J C. 5/02/2021
    • I have used Geoff Long as my chiropractor for over 20 years and always feel the service he provides to me is beneficial to my health and wellbeing. I... read more

      Stephen G. 5/13/2021
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