Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Full Body Adjustment

If you are looking for a chiropractic full body adjustment near Gloucester, this page is for you.

Gloucester Chiropractors have a combined 50 years’ of experience delivering the best chiropractic care to help keep your body in optimal condition.

We will thoroughly assess you from top to toe to determine underlying causes of pain or stiffness, as well as spotting and correcting painless dysfunction before it becomes a problem.

A commonly used term for this service is a “full body chiropractic adjustment”. But what is a full body adjustment?

What is a Full Body Adjustment?

Near all chiropractors have been asked this at some point or other. The term full body adjustment or full body alignment comes from Youtube videos.

Mostly created by American chiropractors to showcase their services, these videos are immensely popular.

Generally speaking, they show a patient (or model) receiving chiropractic adjustments. Microphones are placed strategically to pick up the noises produced by cavitations as joints are manipulated.

The videos tend to skip the diagnostic process, which can take quite a long time.

The treatment techniques shown tend to be mostly manipulative techniques, which are also called chiropractic adjustments.

The term full-body comes in because of chiropractors’ holistic approach. Holistic is a much-abused word, but strictly means looking at your whole body and not just a symptomatic region.

This is approach is something that differentiates chiropractors from many other medical practitioners.

A full body adjustment describes the process where a chiropractor adjusts any stiff or dysfunctional joint that they find, from your toes to your jaw.

It is worth saying at this point that not all chiropractic adjustments shown in Youtube videos will be suitable for all patients.

If you are looking for a full body adjustment, Gloucester Chiropractors can help, but we will always start by thoroughly assessing you to ensure only the most appropriate and helpful treatments are provided.

Are Full Body Adjustments Helpful?

The simple answer here is yes. If the treatment is unlikely to help you, a chiropractor would not suggest it.

We all have stiff joints or posture that can be improved, even if we’re not in pain.

And if you are in pain, just treating the painful area can leave you more vulnerable to recurrence. Wherever possible, it is best to examine the underlying causes of pain and to correct those as well.

As an example, having a stiff ankle adjusted might allow you to squat down better, which can take strain away from your lower back, helping prevent recurrence of low back pain.

Lots of people also report that they just feel better after a chiropractic treatment. Whether this is because your muscles and joints feel loser and freer, or your nerves are buzzing from the sensory input of treatment, or whether there’s something psychological happening, the main thing is that people feel better for being adjusted.

Who Is a Full Body Adjustment For?

Anybody can benefit from a chiropractic assessment and treatment.

A full body adjustment can alleviate stiffness, resolve pain, improve sport and exercise performance, and even help your mood and sleep!

You can have chiropractic adjustments at any age. One of our chiropractors, Beth, even has additional paediatric training in the assessment and treatment of children.

If you have lots of pain coming from one specific area, we may concentrate our effort on that area to begin with. The reason here is that treating your hip when you have a painful neck is likely to bring only very marginal gain in the short term, so could be considered a bit of a luxury and better left until your neck has started to improve.

But generally a holistic, full body approach to chiropractic treatment is of benefit to most people.

Are There Any Risks to a Full Body Adjustment?

At Gloucester Chiropractors we tailor treatment to each individual. We will discuss your health history and conduct a thorough physical and neurological examination before any treatment.

This way, we can be confident that we select the correct treatment method for you.

To state the obvious, an octogenarian with osteoporosis (brittle bones) will need treating differently to a professional rugby player.

Using an assessment led approach and individualised treatments means that we can keep risks down to a minimum.

The main risks of chiropractic treatment are soreness or aggravation of current symptoms.

Particularly if you have not had treatment before or are in a lot of pain when you start treatment, there is a chance that you may experience temporary worsening following treatment.

This is very normal and not something to worry about. Any worsening will subside, usually after a day or two.

The other risk to chiropractic treatment is that it is delivered in inappropriate circumstances.

There are a number of underlying health conditions that contra-indicate certain forms of manual therapy. If your chiropractor does not know about these or uncover them on examination, it can lead to harm if treatment is carried out.

This is one of the reasons that Gloucester Chiropractors place so much emphasis on diagnostics. Our first requirement as chiropractors is to do no harm.

How Much is a Full Body Adjustment?

At Gloucester Chiropractors we try to keep our fees as simple as possible.

We also pride ourselves on doing what needs doing where treatment is concerned, and so our fees are the same whether you need treatment focussed on one area or a whole body MOT.

We charge £75 for an initial assessment for patients who have never been before, or who haven’t been in more than two years. This fee includes treatment.

For existing patients, we charge £40.

Sessions take from 10 to 30 minutes.

How do I Book a Full Body Adjustment?

Just use our contact form to get in touch and we will arrange an appointment for you. Alternatively you can call us on 07716489363

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