Headaches and Migraines

Here at Gloucester Chiropractors we see a large number of people struggling with various forms of headache.

To us chiropractors, this makes sense, as we know that headaches are the more common disorder of the nervous system and will affect around 50% of people in any one year.

Although there are some more serious causes of headache, the vast majority are not serious in nature.
The three most common types of headache we see at Gloucester Chiropractors are migraines, tension-type headache and cervicogenic headache.

Migraines are an often very debilitating headache which can be associated with nausea, vomiting, visual changes such as blurred vision or zig zags known as visual aura. Their exact cause can varie, but temporary changes in the blood vessels in the brain, stress and hormonal changes are all thought to be potential triggers.

Tension-type headaches are a very common cause of headache though, like migraines, their exact cause is not completely understood. Common aggravators include stress and anxiety, tension in the muscles and joints around the neck, jaw and shoulders and certain smells or foods.

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by tension in the muscles and joints around the neck. This can build up slowly due to normal day-to-day stressors on the neck or occur due to an injury.

We find that all three of these types of headaches respond well to manual therapy such as Chiropractic care. Research indicates Chiropractic treatment can reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines and is as effective as Amitriptyline, with less reported side effects.

At Gloucester Chiropractors we will always do a full, thorough assessment to determine the most likely cause of your headaches and rule out any potential serious causes. We will then explain our findings and come up with a treatment plan to suit you as an individual.

This will often consist of some hands-on treatment such as soft tissue release, dry needling and manipulation, exercises and stretches as well as advice on how to manage your headaches at home.
If you’re struggling with headaches, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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