New Location Progress Report

It’s been just over six months since Gloucester Chiropractors moved to our brilliant new premises on Gloucester Business Park. We thought it a good idea to provide an update on how the clinic is going, now that we have our feet under the table.

There have definitely been challenges. It took a full six months to get internet here, for instance. That was definitely a headache.

But there have been some great things too. The local businesses on Whittle Way have been incredibly supportive, helping guide people to us whilst we were waiting for our signage. Similarly, Phil at flat 2 has been fabulously accommodating when people have wondered in to his house!

We now have enormous signs that guide you directly to our front door (which is also highlighted with another big sign), so there’s little chance of anybody getting lost any more.

Being so close to a gym means we are getting to work with some amazing instructors and coaches. This is important to us, because there’s so much more to chiropractic care than just getting free from pain. We want to help people get the best from their body and to enjoy the feeling of capability that a bit of TLC brings.

Another great thing about our new location is how close we are to so many peoples’ workplace. Gloucester Business Park is one of the biggest employment centres in Gloucestershire, and now people can pop to the chiropractor in their lunch break!

As to the actual clinic, we have now firmly settled in.

The space was quite echoey to begin with, so we have installed sound-absorbing art panels. These feature local scenes, photographed by our chiropractors.

We went to great lengths to sound-proof the treatment rooms, using specialist, heavy-duty plasterboard and sound insulation, as well as extra-heavy doors. The effect is that anything you tell your chiropractor stays between the two of you.

Speaking of insulation, commercial properties aren’t thermally insulated like homes. Wow was it cold for a while. We use super-efficient infrared heaters, which are silent and give a beautiful, radiant heat, but they were on full blast nearly constantly.

We think we have solved this now by putting multi-chambered polycarbonate in the windows, which has helped raise the overnight temperature in the clinic by 4 degrees.

Our furniture was picked for ergonomics as well as aesthetics. All chairs have support and arms to help get in and out and we have a motorised desk for standing or sitting use.

Having a permanent home has meant that we have been able to grow.

We are now open five days a week, including late evenings and Saturdays. Tom the chiropractor has joined our team, bringing a fabulous attention to detail and level of care. And Harry, a chiropractic student, has also joined as chiropractic assistant, helping with all manner of things.

As well as being purpose built to our specification, the clinic really benefits from great accessibility. It is ground floor, with no steps. There is masses of free parking for cars and bikes immediately outside and we are a minutes walk from two bus stops, served by numerous routes.

For people travelling from further afield, we are a stones through from the A417 and M5 junction 11a.

It’s with utmost gratitude that we need to thank everybody who has supported and helped us to get this far.

In no particular order, we must mention Lewis the builder, Will the graphics and web man, the staff at Andrew’s, Badham’s, Beauty Spot and David Lloyd.

Most of all, however, we have to thank all of our amazing patients who have made it all possible. We hope that we can continue to serve you.