Training Other Chiropractors

Gloucester Chiropractor, Beth Rawlings, has recently been accredited as a PRT trainer by the Royal College of Chiropractors.

This status means that Beth will act as a trainer and mentor to recently qualified chiropractors in Gloucestershire.

Chiropractic education in the UK takes a minimum of four years, consisting of a full-time university Masters’ degree.

But, as with all healthcare roles, learning never ends.

Chiropractic post-graduate education is overseen and facilitated by the Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC).Royal College of Chiropractors

The RCC provides courses, quality standards, funding for research and more, in an effort to ensure the chiropractic profession continues to develop and chiropractors maintain the highest standards of education.

At Gloucester Chiropractors we place a great deal of emphasis on continuing education.

Each of our chiropractors spends approximately two hundred hours a year on courses and seminars.

We also discuss cases that we have seen in clinic, helping increase the diversity that each chiropractor is exposed to.

It is partly because of this commitment to education that Beth has been recognised with PRT trainer status.

Beth will now supervise recently graduated chiropractors as they enter clinical life. She will share her experience and provide mentoring and direction.

Beth will also show other chiropractors what it takes to maintain the highest standards of clinical care, from running clinical audits to the pathway required to be recognised as a specialist in a particular field.

Gloucester Chiropractors, and Beth in particular, will also continue to host other chiropractors who are completing clinical observations.

Clinical observation is a vital element in a chiropractor’s continuing professional development as it allows the full interaction between patient and chiropractor to be seen, as well as providing an opportunity to improve the manual skills required for hands-on treatment.

These processes help chiropractors share knowledge and approaches, leading to an elevation in standards and better outcomes for patients.


If you would like to learn more about Beth, you can follow this link through to her profile:

Beth Rawlings Chiropractor