Dr David Cooper, MChiro DC PGDip

David is a partner at Gloucester Chiropractors.

David qualified as a chiropractor in 2011 from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Despite popping over the border to complete his degree, like all of our chiropractors, David was born and raised in Gloucester.

Since qualifying as a chiropractor David has worked in Manchester and Worcester, specialising in the treatment of sports injuries and athletes.

The list of competitors that David has worked with includes athletes from nearly every background, encompassing virtually every sport imaginable.

He has worked extensively with rowing clubs, assisting in the development of elite performance programmes as well as leading injury and rehabilitation services.

From 2013-18, David led an injury prevention programme for a top-level ballet school, helping reduce injury rates by over 50% in the first 18 months.

David also holds a post-graduate diploma in football medicine and has treated a number of professional players who self-refer for help with acute and chronic injury problems.

In 2021, two of his patients competed in the Tokyo Olympics and another in the Paralympics.

His approach, that the goal should be to get your body working as efficiently as possible, rather than just doing enough to fix an injury, means that he is very highly regarded as a sports-chiropractor for patients of all levels.

You do not need to be injured or in pain to see David. If you are looking for help improving your level of performance or are trying to prevent injuries before they occur, get in touch.