Gloucester Chiropractors – Our Approach

It can be difficult to know which chiropractor to choose. That’s why at Gloucester Chiropractors we have written this page, explaining our approach and the thinking that lies behind it.

We believe that everybody has a best side and that, while we may not always be at our best, people do great things when their best side comes through.

By listening, and treating people as individuals, we can help you overcome the barriers that prevent you from being the best you can be.

Our chiropractors specialise in treating nerve, muscle and joint problems, but we also provide a meticulous diagnostic process, meaning that you can be sure that you get the best care, no matter what your reason for visiting Gloucester Chiropractors.

Gloucester Chiropractors

Gloucester Chiropractors: David Cooper, Geoff Long and Beth Rawlings


We believe that a good connection between patients and healthcare professionals is essential for optimal outcomes.

We want to build relationships with our patients. Only by understanding you as a person can we help you in a comprehensive fashion.

When you visit Gloucester Chiropractors, we will listen to you while you tell us the reasons for your visit. We will discuss your health history, your goals and the factors likely to be involved in your care.

This process can take longer than you might expect, but the information we get from talking to you greatly informs how your care is likely to progress.


We believe that taking time to conduct a detailed assessment saves time by allowing the most effective treatment to be provided.

Accurate diagnostics are possibly the most important element our work. Without a thorough examination, targeted treatment becomes impossible.

Our chiropractors will go through a comprehensive examination process with you, conducting posture and movement assessments, neurological and special orthopaedic tests, strength and functional tests and provocative tests.

This usually allows us to be very specific when it comes to defining treatment reasoning and targets. This also helps us be realistic when setting goals.


However, we know that nobody knows everything.

Our chiropractors have nearly 50 years of combined experience. They have a passion for their job and, even now, spend countless hours learning how to become better clinicians.

Nevertheless, there are times where physical examination alone is not sufficient to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis.

When this is the case, our chiropractors will discuss with you the options available and will make a recommendation.

At times, this may be a short trial of care, with reassessments at each appointment. In some instances, you may be referred for further investigation.

Our chiropractors will explain to you which investigations and why, and will tell you how to go about getting them.


We believe treatment needs to be bespoke for best results.

Fortunately, Gloucester Chiropractors have a range of tools to deploy for best effect.

Our chiropractors practice what is known in the profession as a Diversified model. This means that we don’t just rely on one treatment method and try to apply it to every person that walks through our door.

Combining techniques such as spinal manipulation, joint mobilisation, dry-needling, soft-tissue release and others, our chiropractors will provide a package of care that is tailored to the cause of your symptoms and to your personal preferences.



People don’t have bodies, we ARE bodies. That is why the way we feel has such an influence on what we achieve.

If you want help feeling at your best, book an appointment to see one of our chiropractors in Gloucester today.