Massage Therapy at Gloucester Chiropractors

New Massage Therapy in Gloucester

Gloucester Chiropractors are pleased to say that we are now able to offer massage therapy services.

Massage therapy will be provided by Harry Williams. Harry is a trained massage therapist, with the added bonus that he is also a chiropractic student.

Massage sessions cost £60 for a one hour treatment.

You can book a massage by contacting us here. Just ask reception for massage.

Meet the Massage Therapist

Harry works at Gloucester Chiropractors as a chiropractic assistant and massage therapist.

Harry is in his second of five years studying to become a chiropractor. Prior to training to become a chiropractor, Harry qualified and worked as a sports-massage therapist.

His chiropractic training means Harry’s understanding of the human body is of an excellent standard, complimenting his massage skills.

He also works closely with our chiropractors, ensuring you get the best possible care.

Harry was born in Gloucester, having grown up in Barnwood and now living in Brockworth.

Harry has a background in sports, having played rugby to a high level and currently participating in Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu.

As well as his hands-on skills, Harry is an incredibly calm personality who immediately puts people at ease.

Outside of work and study, Harry is a father to four and likes to go wild-swimming.

Massage Benefits

Massage can help people suffering from aches and pains, but there are additional benefits too.

We can all carry stress in our muscles, particularly those around the shoulders. Massage can help to relax these muscles, which can make us feel more relaxed in ourselves.

Massage dove-tails nicely with chiropractic care, helping to relieve tension in muscles that have been strained by poor posture or injury.

Having a good loosen up before or after an adjustment can really help to cement the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Massage Costs

An hour’s massage costs £60.

You don’t need to be an existing patient of the practice to make use of our massage services.

Gloucester Massage Location

All massage treatments take place in our bright, new clinic, located on Gloucester Business Park.