7 Reasons to Choose Gloucester Chiropractors

We think we are the best chiropractors in Gloucester, but that’s a bold claim. So here are a few of the reasons why you should pick Gloucester Chiropractors:

We Do More
Our chiropractors do so much more than just manipulation. Our approach to diagnostics mean that we look at everything that could be contributing to your problem, not just getting blinkered by the symptoms you are experiencing. We regularly refer people to dermatologists for skin cancer treatment, to dentists for jaw joint help, to GPs for medication reviews.
Our treatment also provides more than just spinal manipulation. Our chiropractors use soft-tissue techniques, rehabilitative exercise and adjunctive therapies such as dry-needling, to achieve the best results.

Simple and Transparent Billing
We try to keep our fees as straight forward and as clear as possible. We charge £75 for an initial consultation, but unlike some Gloucester Chiropractors, this fee includes treatment. So there are no unexpected charges.
We charge £40 for treatments and a half fee for late cancellations. That’s it. No bulk buy prices, no teaser rates, no room for any confusion.
Having a simple fee structure means everybody knows where they stand from day one. This allows us to put money to one side and focus on getting you better.

Expert Chiropractors
There are lots of good chiropractors in the Gloucester area, but we are fortunate enough to have three of the best chiropractors under one roof.
While each has years of experience in general practice, they also have their own areas of clinical expertise.
David has worked with nearly every kind of athlete imaginable in a 10 year career, while Beth is extremely qualified in the treatment of pregnant patients. And Geoff, in addition to nearly 30 years’ experience, has post-graduate training in nutrition.
This variety of interest and expertise means we are able to serve patients of all backgrounds with almost any nerve, muscle or joint problem imaginable.
You can read about our fantastic chiropractors by clicking on their name below:
David Cooper Chiropractor
Beth Rawlings Chiropractor
Geoff Long Chiropractor

You Live in (or near to) Gloucester
This might sound a bit flippant, but convenience is a big deal when you want to see a chiropractor.
It’s no good knowing about a great chiropractor in Glasgow if you live near Gloucester.
We are located on Barnwood Road, about 300m from Walls’ roundabout, making us one of the most accessible chiropractic clinics in Gloucester.
We also have copious free parking and a bus stop virtually at the front door.
And if our location isn’t convenient enough, don’t forget we are also open evenings and Saturdays.

The Clinic is run by Chiropractors
When you call Gloucester Chiropractors, it is one of our chiropractors that answers.
This means that you get to speak with a chiropractor straight away.
We will be able to answer whether or not you should see a chiropractor for your current problem, without guessing.
Where appropriate, we will also be able to give you advice over the phone. This might be something as simple as telling you to swap your heat packs for ice packs, but when you are in pain every little helps.
Being managed by chiropractors also means our clinic is able to respond immediately to patient feedback. If you don’t like something, just tell your chiropractor and the chances are that next time you come it will be fixed.

We Treat on Day One
When you visit a chiropractor in Gloucester, it’s because you want treatment.
Maybe you have severe sciatica or back pain, or perhaps you just want a tune up. In any case, to be told you have to pay a separate fee or have to attend a second appointment before treatment can begin is very frustrating.
For this reason, Gloucester Chiropractors aim to treat every patient on their first appointment, and without charging an additional fee.
How is this possible? With expert diagnostics.
By taking the time to conduct a thorough and specific assessment, we will be able to ascertain what is causing your symptoms with a great degree of confidence.
It is very unusual that patients need scans or x-rays, but if needed we can refer for these.

We Don’t Over Treat
It is uncommon, but occasionally private healthcare is subject to abuse, with financial incentives impacting on treatment plans.
We promise never to treat you without good reason. We won’t be trying to sell you extended treatment plans, extra services or products.
On you first visit we will outline how many sessions of treatment you are likely to need and what your other options are.
If you aren’t progressing as we hope, we will reassess and discuss options with you again.
In summary, we do our absolute utmost to be patient centred at Gloucester Chiropractors, keeping you involved in your care but providing the guidance that you would expect.